Those with Antivirus still get Infected…

‎50% of all computers scanned in January were infected with something bad.  Are you one of them?  To be safe A/V is not enough, you need a tool that blocks attacks and prevents visits to bad websites at a minimum!

Report: AV users still get infected with malware | ZDNet

One-third of internet users in the EU caught a computer virus, despite the fact that 84% of internet users used IT security software.

Cox Internet Failure

Cox internet problems persist, I appear to have access from home, connectivity to office and clients is very spotty.

How about some communication out of Cox, other than “Your call can not be completed at this time”. Translation: We have major problems and cannot respond to complaining customers.

I simple phone recording of what is going on and when it will be fixed would go a long way. You know; communication?